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Being an Ironman from One Perspective

Being an Ironman from One Perspective
Currently there are over three dozen full Ironman branded races, across six continents, with an estimate of 2000,000 competitors who have completed this feat. These numbers leave me most predominantly with a sense of humility.

What is Skishoeing?

What is Skishoeing?
Many people claim that you can’t have the best of both worlds. I say that is relative to your intent. Skishoeing, like many other engaging outdoor ...

Why Ski Mountaineering?

Ski-mountaineering. Mountaineering-with-skis.

I’ve been introduced as “that guy I told you about that climbs up huge mountains and skis off of them.”  The question that follows is always is, “Why?”

You know they make lifts for that?

Skiing with Dogs

Skiing-with-dogs. Dogs-that-ski
Bringing your canine companion along with you on your winter adventures can be fun and safe with these few simple tools in mind.